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Korg D1600V40 16-Track Digital Recorder
Korg D1600V40 16-Track Digital Recorder 8 track simultaneous recording, 80 gig Hard drive ! $1599.99

Fostex MR-8 8-Track Digital Recorder
Fostex MR-8 8-Track Digital Recorder $299 !
An entry level digital multitracker for song writing or individual projects. 8 track playback. Not as much room as a hard disk recorder- Records 2 tracks simultaneously to a 128 Compact Flash card which holds about 25 track minutes (2 tracks x 12.5 min,4 tracks x 6 min., etc) this is at high resolution 44.1Khz. (CD's are at 44.1 Khz). At less resolution 22.05 Khz you can get twice as much music on a card. Additional 128 MB cards cost $69.99. A USB port transfers the sound to your computer as a wave file. Your computers CDRW drive can then burn a CD. Runs on batteries, internal mic. A package which also includes an external mic, cable, headphones and a gig bag is $349.99 item # 240340.

Fostex MR8 Recording Package
Fostex MR8 Recording Package-includes Mic, Cable, headphones and Gig bag $349.99

Yamaha AW16G Multitrack Recorder
NEW ! Yamaha AW16G Multitrack Recorder - 8 Track simultaneous recording and CD burner, Effects plus guitar effects and amp modeling . $1009.99
This is the newest in the bang for the buck competition. Comparing it with the Fostex VF160 I see also 2 XLR's with phantom power but only 12 faders. Both record simultneously 8 tracks. Both have two effects that can be used at a time. The Yamaha has guitar effects and amp simulation (I don't know if this is part of the 2 effects engine)... I'll have to research this more and get a link to Yamaha's manual on this. Jim

Fostex VF-160 Digital Multi-track Recorder Review
Fostex VF-160 16 Track Digital Recorder with Internal CD Burner
Fostex VF-160 16 Track Digital Recorder 20 GB, w./Internal CD Burner List $1,799. Buy online for sale at $999.99 !

  Digital Multi-tracking in the home recording studio is here ! Today's hard disk recorders are true full featured recording studios with internal CD burners built in ! There are currently very powerful recorders which will allow 8 tracks to be recorded simultaneously and include an onboard CD burner :
Fostex VF160 $999.99 has 20 Gig hard drive and can be expanded to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording. (see review below).

Roland VS-1824CD Digital Studio Workstation
Roland VS-1824CD Digital Studio Workstation

Roland VS-1824CD - $1999.99 10 gig hard drive.

    In my opinion the most bang for your dollar is the Fostex VF-160... I own the VF-16 which is it's predecessor and is essentially the same recorder without the CD burner and a smaller 10 gig hard drive. (The VF-16, now discontinued, is a great recorder and sold for $799.99)... it is doing a great job for us.

Fostex VF160 Features, Specifications, Review

  The VF160's case is steel and very rugged, all of the faders and knobs have a smooth, quality feel. There are 8 input tracks with 1/4" jacks, Two tracks also have balanced XLR inputs and phantom power available for condensor mics. All inputs have gain controls and peak LED's. There are 16 channel faders and a master fader. We record live and I can remix and burn to a CD the same day ! There are two onboard effects processors which have a variety of reverbs, delays, chorus effects so I like the room reverb and usually choose this as effect 1 and apply it to each channel as I wish. I often use the drum booth effect setting as effect 2 to emphasize the channel which has the bass drum mic. Three bands of equalization can be applied to each track. Also, each track can be panned to the left or right outputs. There are left and right 1/4" monitor outs and a headphone jack as well. Each has its own gain control. All settings of fader position, effects, equalization and pans can be stored as scenes and recalled or modified. The beauty of having 16 faders is that we play back tracks and record harmonys on the additional 8 tracks without erasing the first takes. If I want to redo a guitar part or vocals I just enable the tracks 9-16 which I want to record onto and start recording. It is easy to exchange tracks and there are even 8 more tracks available on the hard drive known as virtual tracks where tracks can be stored for a total of 24 possible tracks per song. The analog to digital converters are 20-bit with a 44.1 kHz sampling frequency. The sound is outstanding ! There are two aux sends. We use one send to send my wife her signal from her classical guitar to a practice amp she uses as a monitor so she can better hear her guitar over the mix while recording live. The Aux sends can also be used to send any channels signal to an external signal processor and can be returned to any channel by buss recording. However there are two channels which have their own insert and return jacks as well for this purpose.
  I should note how this recorder has been used by us and changed our performances. We used to use a Roland 8 track powered mixer for effects, panning and levels at our concerts. Now everything goes into the recorder and effects, equalization, panning are being done at the recorder level THEN the monitor outs of the recorder plug into two of the powered mixers tracks with one of the mixer tracks panned hard right and the other panned hard left. The signals record to the hard drive without effects, so I can re-mix and master afterwards untill I'm happy and then save and burn to CD. We have two guitars, a keyboard four vocal mics and one mic for recording the drums which use our 8 recording tracks. Sometimes the drummer isn't singing and can use his mic for an additional mic for the drums. You can store about 5 hours of recording 8 tracks on the 20 gig hard drive (40 hours of single track recordings), then you can store these tracks by burning them to a CD in the Fostex Format, as individual wave files ( one for each track - a good way to input into computer recording software). Or as ADAT . Or you can mixdown to a stereo CD audio signal to burn onto the CD and be played in CD players. An internal mixdown feature mixes down to a separate stereo song with all added effects and eq. . There are MIDI in and out jacks and this will record MIDI time code and act as a MIDI controler which I have not used.
  The selling feature which sets this multitrack apart from the rest is that there are optical input and outputs for digital/ optical SPDIF stereo signals as well as 8 track ADAT optical... and this recorder can record 16 tracks simultaneously if 8 are being input by the ADAT optical interface! Digital mixers are available which have optical ADAT outputs. Also there are a number of 8 track analog to digital converters which have ADAT optical outputs. (see the Alesis AI3 below which sells for $399.99 and would double the VF160's tracks ... more mics for the drums or for more musician's. ). The Alesis ADAT Edit sound card is another method to transfer Tracks to the computer for computer editing (Includes editing software- see below).   

If you have questions    e-mail me !      Jim

Fostex VF-160 16 Track Digital Recorder with Internal CD Burner
Fostex VF-160 16 Track Digital Recorder 20 GB, with Internal CD Burner $999.99 !

Fostex VC-8 ADAT/Analog Converter
Fostex VC-8 ADAT/Analog Converter- Add 8 tracks to VF160 for true 16 track Simultaneous recording ! $279.99

This has 8 RCA analog inputs (you'll need adapters,cords or a mixer to have 1/4" or XLR inputs) The VC-8 has an ADAT lightpipe output which carries 8 digital tracks in the ADAT format.... see also the Alesis AI3 below. The Fostex VF160 has 16 faders and an ADAT/SPDIF input so for less than $2,000 you can have a true 16 track recording studio with CD burning capability ... an unbelievably low price until now. The 1/4" jacks accept line level instruments... mics may require a preamp or you could use a mixer to bring mics to line level... (see below)Fostex VC8 Manual (PDF file)

Alesis AI3 Analog-to-ADAT Optical Interface
Alesis AI3 Analog-to-ADAT Optical Interface- 8 -1/4" inputs (adds 8 tracks to Fostex VF16/160) $399.99

Alesis AI3 Manual (PDF)

The Behringer Eurorack line of mixers is a cost effective line to add more balanced XLR inputs and phanton power to your recording studio. The MX802 sells for $99 and has 4 XLR inputs with 2 aux sends. The Eurorack MX2642A offers 16 channels with 8 channel inserts and direct outs and 6 Aux sends. A powerful recording mixer for $349.
Behringer MX2642A Eurorack
Behringer MX2642A Eurorack-16 channels,8 inserts and direct outs,6 Aux sends- A powerful mixer for recording ! $349.99

Behringer MX802A Eurorack Compact Mixer
Behringer MX802A Eurorack Compact Mixer - 4 XLR ins, 2 Aux sends. $99.99

Alesis ADAT/Edit2.0 Personal Computer Editing System
Alesis ADAT/Edit2.0 PC(or MAC) ADAT interface w./Editing software ! 8 channel ADAT Optical I/O- $299.99

Will transfer ADAT tracks from the Fostex and other recorders to a PC and convert to wave format for other Wave based editing programs. ADAT Edit includes effects,cut and paste editing and more. Co-developed by Alesis(the inventers of ADAT) and E-Magic. For details visit
Alesis ADAT Edit details

Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer
Behringer DDX3216 Digital Mixer - $1,599.99

32 input channels, 16 internal busses, 8 aux sends, 32 channels of 4 band parametric EQ, 4 stereo multi-effects processors, optional 16 channel ADAT interface (ADT1616), TDIF interface (TDF1616), and AES/EBU interfaces (AES808/ACB808P) available.

Marshall Electronics MXL2001/MXL603S Condenser Mic Package
Marshall Electronics MXL2001/MXL603S - A large and small diaphram Condenser Mic Package $155.99.

R0DE NT1 Mic
R0DE NT1 Studio Mic- Well acclaimed for crisp realistic vocals. $199.99

Home Recording Notes - Information to record your first CD.

  •  If you have a CD-RW drive in your computer you don't have to spend any money on software or hardware to make your first CD . The latest MusicMatch Jukebox software (A free download) will record a stereo signal from your soundcards line input jack and burn a CD-R disk to CD audio format that can be played on any CD player.
  • If you are going to convert your band to a cd .... or your vinyl albums to digital ... You go into your computers sound card via the stereo line input jack ( not the microphone input jack) ,   Pick up some adapter plug wires from radio shack to connect the right and left channels of your stereo (the tape recorder line jacks... not the speaker outputs !) to the  small stereo line input jack of your sound card. The plug into the sound card then must split the stereo plug into right and left inputs....
  • Over Dubbing/Multi-tracking- Recording Software or hardware  to allow multiple tracks in the making of a song. Each track can then be manipulated - levels, effects (reverb, etc.) separately. Cakewalk has Multi track recording software that can produce professional CD's and also a home studio version.
    N-track studio has many features and a demo can be downloaded for free.

    SHURE SM58-LC MIC $99.99

    SM58-LC Mic List: $188.00 Price: $99.99 The undisputed king of stage microphones. Legendary for its uncanny ability to withstand abuse that would destroy any other mic. World-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound. Perfectly fits the hand, balanced for total comfort during long gigs. Frequency response is smooth, vocal-tailored 50Hz to 15kHz, and the price is a bargain considering its life expectancy. Now includes free Mic cable !

    Tascam Porta 02 Ministudio
    Tascam Porta 02 Ministudio $149.99

        For the aspiring musician, songwriter or music educator looking for the best value in an entry-level multitrack recording system, the Tascam Porta 02 Ministudio can't be beat. With great sound quality, easy operation and full compatibility with consumer stereo cassette decks, this economical 4 track recorder lets you record, overdub and mixdown to standard cassette. Features: 4-track integrated mixer / cassette multitrack recorder 2 MIC/LINE input channels 4 channel mixer-LEVEL and PAN controls on each ch. Industry standard 17/8 ips. tapes speed Headphone monitor output with level control 2-track simultaneous record capability

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