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MP3 CD players- 200 Songs on one CD !
CDR- drives (Recordable)- Make your own CDs !

  I'm using an MP3 player with a car cassette adapter which gives me hundreds of selected favorite songs in my vehicle. Have your entire CD collection available in your car on a couple of disks with an MP3 CD Player or an Ipod ! I encode my disks at CD quality 128 kbs and fit about 175-200 songs on each CD (13 hours of music on 80 min CD-R disks). Free Musicmatch software featured below... I'd recomend using Musicmatch to encode your CD's to MP3 and then burn your CD's Place each artist or CD into a separate folder on your MP3 disk your burning. Windows Media Player also will encode and burn MP3 Files and CD's !

Discount Computers, Drives and Audio @ Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is the most competitive computer, printer, retailer I know of. I have three of their computers now and get all supplies through them. If you need a hard drive, memory, ink, toner, CDR disks, etc . check them out. Jim