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Guitar Page The Christian Music Web   Guitar Page
Guitar instruction, Online lessons, chord charts, etc.
View pop-up Chord finder here
Take a look at "The Christian Guitarist" -This is a complete systematic approach to learning the guitar for the homeschool curriculum. It is really 4 books in one- an instruction book, a Song book and a Melody playing/theory book, Curriculum guide and workbook- Includes CD.
The Christian Guitarist- with homeschool curriculum!

Tab lesson - learn how to play and write in guitar tablature!
Print Guitar Tablature Paper
Print Music Paper

Capo lesson - getting the guitar to match CD or voice pitch.
Key/Chord Conversion Wheel- Capo Computer/Transposing Wheel -FREE ! - college of guitar wisdom - lessons, great chord charts and a pop-up chord finder.Strumming techniques.Graphics and audio clip examples. online guitar chord finder. keyboard also,tab links
The Ultimate On Line Guitar Tutor  -  lessons  for the beginning guitarist.
Guitar freaks home page  - 8 lessons, some good chord theory, a tuner, etc.
Whole Note- the online guitar community - big site with something for all levels of experience. And a funtioning OLGA site ! (Online Guitar Archive -database).
Guitar-Primer lessons, folk songs, arpeggio techniques, chord concepts
Guitar Search Engine multi-search engine page-all for music/guitar sites.
Rob's essential guitar guide - has a chord finder which displays fret positions.
guitar guitar II  - 9 lessons on technique, palm-muting,etc. audio examples.
Guitar Main - Jazz, blues, walking bass, arpeggios,12-bar blues lessons.

Guitar Masters - good music theory studies, chord substitutions, arpeggios
Chord progressions for guitar ear training to recognize chord intervals,theory.
Guitarology - lessons, chords.
Guitar Lounge - lessons with real video examples.
A crash course in guitar theory - notes on the fretboard,chord formulas,modes
Guitar4U- leasons in PDF format - requires acrobat reader.
Guitar tricks - licks and tricks submitted by different musicians. - Lessons, Links, Tab Search- Secular but some Christian.
Guitar Seek - lessons - 36 lessons and a guitar database.
The Asylum - scales,  theory, modes, tapping, some licks.
guitar lix interactive - licks to practice and play along with.
Classical etudes for lead guitar - etudes with tab and MIDI files.
Kyle's virtual guitar lesson
Randy's guitar clinic
Guitars, music and ideas
Dansm's acoustic guitar page
Flamenco Techniques - a tutorial on Flamenco guitar.
Donald Loignon's guitar site - lessons on blues and scales/improvisation.
The online guitar college chord archive
Riff Interactive - live guitar lessons over the web.
Guitar-Online some online courses- others by shareware,online video.
Guitar ebook and calculator  - downloads, beginning guitar lessons.
a jazz improvisation primer
Chords simplified
Dansm's Guitar Pages  - Lessons,great barre chord theory.
The shredders hut.  - tapping,sweep picking, real audio samples.
  - Some licks to practice with real audio samples.  -  - Lots of links here  -  -  -
Harmony Central  - Has Lessons, Gear Reviews, Tabs and MORE !
Guitar forum  - Guitar forum, discusion. - Your guide to over 1000 Guitar Resources & Music Sites!

For Music Software Visit- Shareware music machine- For many PC based MIDI software and other free music programs to download.

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