My Grandfathers Faith
Sermons by Lorin Frank Corliss
Folder: In Development
Message delivered: 9/15/23
Passage: Amos 6:1-6

Woe unto them that are at ease in Zion.... they are not grieved for the affliction of Joeseph. Amos 6:1;6

1. To be at ease in Zion means--
   1. To be in the family of God, and yet to settle down in a selfish self-centered religion, doing very little for the salvation of others.
   2. To be anxious for God's peace in your own heart, in your own home, and family, but doing little or nothing to bring it to those outside.
   3. To be one to go where all is big and bright, but missing when the battle is hard and difficult.
   4. To give little time to reading your bible, and prayer before God, seeking after divine things. There is a great danger, of getting into a rut; coming to think that because there is a crowd, plenty of music, and enthusiasm, that we are sure of victory. " SOULS ARE NOT WON BY THE BLAST OF BRASS BANDS, OR THE WINSOME MUSIC OF STRING BANDS, BY EVERY BODY BEING HAPPY."  " SOULS ARE WON BY EARNEST FERVENT PRAYER ON THE PART OF GODLY MEN AND WOMEN."

2.   This ease spoken here is generally caused by a want of real care of souls of the people around us.
     There are Salvationists who feel that your responsibility ends when you come to meeting, take part do what they are called upon do and that ends it. WE ARE CALLED AMBASSADORS FOR JESUS CHRIST AND WE ARE DUTY BOUND TO BRING MEN AND WOMEN TO CHRIST, IF WE ARE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AMBASSADORS.

 When the U.S., sends a representative to a foreign country as ambassador, they do not only expect him to be in that country to enjoy the social functions, and the affairs of that country, but they expect him to represent the best interests  of our nation in that foreign country. GOD NOT ONLY EXPECTS US TO ENJOY THE ASSOCIATION OF HIS PEOPLE, BUT HE EXPECTS US TO  REPRESENT THE BEST INTERESTS OF HIS KINGDOM TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT SAVED, IF WE DO NOT SUCCEED IN THIS WE ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL REPRESENTATIVES.
     Not only does He expect us to work for Him in meetings, but He has given us a charge, over those who love us, and look to us. There are many people who live, laugh and enjoy life with love ones who are far from God, and who seldom, if ever put special forth to lead them to Christ. LET US REMEMBER THAT NOT ONLY ARE THE UNCONVERTED WHO ATTEND OUR MEETINGS GOING TO STAND BEFORE GOD, BUT OUR LOVED ONES, AND THOSE IN WHOM WE ARE INTERESTED; AND IF WE CONCERN OURSELVES ABOUT STRANGERS, LET US ALSO SEE TO IT THAT WE LET NO STONE UNTURNED TOWARD GETTING OUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES SAVED TOO. What a wonderful time this coming campaign would be if we could make it a point of getting our loved ones and friends converted ?

3. THE CONSEQUENCE OF THIS EASE IS WOE.--- God says,- Woe unto the people-- They will perish because nobody warned them.

WOE UNTO THE CORPS THAT SETTLES DOWN AT EASE.  It will go down, and the devil will laugh.

WOE UNTO THE HOME; that worries not about the salvation of the members of that home. I HAVE KNOWN OF LOVED ONES BEING CALLED TO STAND BESIDE THE DEATH BED OF LOVED ONES WHO WERE UNCONVERTED. What a terrible experience this must be?

4.   Let us examine ourselves, and if we have been negligent in days gone bylet us awake. Faith and works go well together, so let us have plenty of both and the good things God has in store for us will only be revealed in time.

 (added later)
    I am convinced that God is on our side. I am convinced without any doubt that victory is ahead, and the best advice I can give pessimists, fault finders, crepe hangers, cold and indifferent people or salvationists is to either get into line and go ahead with us, or get out of the way and let the Army go on. I think we have a number of organizations here on Madison St. who will find a place for any who do not desire to do this here at number one.
    The easiest thing in the world to do is to find fault, but try to improve on matters and you will get blessed in doing so.
    Danger of No. 1, is people getting into a rut. , and while you are in that rut scores of people are lost forever, whereas earnest effort would save many at least.

   Woe unto those at ease in our corps, God will deal with every one, someday.
      Brevity of time. Let's work now.