My Grandfathers Faith
Sermons by Lorin Frank Corliss
Message delivered:
Passage: MATTHEW 11:11

     This evening we have been taking special notice of the gift of God in our mothers.  The verse I have selected to base a very few closing remarks is found in Matthew 11:11   "Among them that are born of woman has not risen a greater than John the Baptist."
     This text makes a strong statement, "There was never born of woman a greater than John the baptist." John the baptist was a great man not only in physic, but brain, moral force and vigorous courage. You can compare him with Napoleon, Cicero or Alexander the Great, and will find him greater than they in every manly attribute. Jesus Himself said, "there was never born of a woman a greater than John the baptist", and this giving or laying the cause of his greatness for his power, in that he was born of a woman.
     "Next to the gift of Jesus Christ, a mother is God's greatest gift to man." People have tried to criticize the word of God by saying that it was not fair toward the woman, and did not give them their rightful place, and yet here find the Savior Himself giving the mother of John the baptist the credit for his greatness of character that so distinguished him. In doing this Jesus shows a knowledge of human nature than this beyond our present understanding.
     History shows that nearly all the great geniuses of the world inherit their special gifts from their mothers. When the bible gives the history of great warriors, kings, composers or other great men it always gives credit for their greatness to their mother.
     Following are a few tributes paid by great men to their mothers:
"All that I am, mother made me." (J.D. Adams)
"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." (Lincoln)
"Let France have good mothers and she will have good sons." (Napoleon)
"I will desire for a friend, the man who has never resisted the tears of his mother." (Another great man)
"most of the stones out of which the city of God is built, and all of the best ones, were made by mothers." (Henry Drummond)
"Napoleon was the pet of his mother."
"Alexander the great was recognized as his mothers darling."

     Also numerous other greats have accredited all their inspiration to their mothers.
     The great men of the world are the creation of their mother. They inherit the ideas of their mother. They inherit the mind of their mothers. Hence, the men who have blessed the world give most of their credit to their mothers.
     Cicero rightly said, "The empire is at the fireside." Great men rule the world, this is a law of nature; physical and mental strength will always rule the world and lead it on to great achievements are every one the product of their mother, not only by inheritance, but especially the product of their mother by, "THE TEACHING AT HER KNEE."
     If in the future the world is going to be better because of great men who will perform great deeds, who will rise to achievements of great men of the past, who will because of strength of Christian character they possess influence and lead the people of the world into better ways of living, into higher ideals of life, into the ways of righteousness and help in establishing the kingdom of Christ on earth, Who is it we must look to ? The old saying that, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world is still true. , - and if the world is to be better in the days to come, it is up to you mothers here tonight to lead your children in the ways of righteousness from their infancy up.
     "HOME IS THE MOTHER'S THRONE OF POWER." Napoleon in his days of power was induced to bring back a wayward nation of thirty million people from a state of cheerless, comfortless brutalizing unbelief, to the consoling influences of Christianity. When at the command of Napoleon the church bells began to toll the hour of prayer on every hillside and through every valley of France: - when the young and the old were blessed because of the administration of the gospel, -  IT WAS MOTHERS INFLUENCE WHICH INSPIRED A DUTIFUL SON TO MAKE THE MAGIC CHANGE WHAT IN AN HOUR WHICH TRANSFORMED FRANCE FROM A LAND OF BRUTAL GODLESSNESS, TO A LAND OF CHRISTIANITY. "GREAT IS THE POWER OF A MOTHER."
     It is very interesting to note the attitude of Jesus throughout His entire life toward His mother. We read that in His boyhood days He was under subjection to His parents. In His young manhood He was respectful and considerate of them, and then when hanging upon the cross of suffering the pains of death, He turned His attention to His mother, and said to His best friend John, "Behold thy mother", take her into thy home and be a son to her for my sake. And so I say, He loved His mother and in His dying hours, provided for her future.
     The love and sacrifices of a mother is only surpassed by the love and sacrifice of God as demonstrated through His son jesus Christ.
     How a mother will sacrifice for her child. She forgets her strength, her comfort, her pleasure and willingly sacrifices her all for her child. How Christ has sacrificed for us ? Leaving His home in glory, coming to earth, how He was persecuted, reviled, spit upon, cursed and how He gave His life upon the cross, such a sacrifice has never been known to man.
     How a mother loves her child. When a helpless babe, how she will fondle it, love it, cherish it; Who can understand the love of a mother for her baby ? When the child gets to be a few months old, and it will put it's reciprocative arms around the mother's neck, how the mother loves the child ? A mothers love is indeed something divine.
     It is the mother's lot to, BEAR, TO REAR, TO NURSE, TO LOSE. Those who are dearer to thee than life itself must, in the very nature of things be given up and pass out to make their own way in the world. But they never drift beyond their mother's love. Wherever they go, with them, goes that wonderful unquenchable love of a mother.
     Who can understand the love of God to the world? Giving His Son Jesus, The pride of heaven., then picture the love Jesus must have had to come as He did in order that you and I might live.
     " He did not live or die for Himself, but like a mother He lived and died for OTHERS."
     "OTHERS", this means you here tonight too friend, He lived and died for you. Has He done it in vain or have you accepted His redemption. If not He seeks you in this room tonight and will be found of you if you too are willing to seek Him.