My Grandfathers Faith
Sermons by Lorin Frank Corliss
Title: "Where art Thou ?"
Folder: In Development
Subject: Holiness
Message delivered: 5/20/22; 5/18/24
Passage: Genesis 3:8-9

"And the Lord called unto Adam and said unto him, Where art thou ?" Gen.3:8

     1.   God's question to first sinner;
          WHERE ART THOU ?
         I want to put this same question to you comrades and friends here this morning; Where art thou ?   Not what place are you in, but what condition are you in ?
1. Adam and Eve here are plunged into their first despair. Previous to this they had known no sin, no fear, no shame, and yet in the 8th verse we find they so filled with fear that they are hiding from the presence of God.
     What a terrible experience to pass from paradise it's self to a state of depravity, shame and fear.

a. They had let Satan deceive them. This is only what one may expect from Satan, and those who listen to what he has to say, will experience the same loss of happiness that these our first parents experienced.

   Satan promised, -
     1. Safety --- they did not have it.
     2. Should not die -- fleeing for their lives.
     3. Advanced --- they were abased.
     4. They should know all things -- not even where to hide.


     Neither can professors of religion hide little inconsistencies from God.


b.  In the 5th verse the serpent told them their eyes should be opened, and so they were opened, but to what ?
   They saw, -
            1. Happiness lost,
            2. The misery they had fallen into.

3. The common cause of all their trouble was disobedience to God.

  1. A loving God provoked,
  2. His grace and favor forfeited,
  3. Likeness and image lost,
  4. Natures corrupted and depraved,
  5. Disorder in their minds.

     Disobedience to God in any form will always bring this same punishment upon those involved, whether they be sinners or those who profess to be saved.
     Obedience to God may mean a great deal to you. He calls upon us to do many things which may not just appeal to us, BUT TO HAVE THE FAVOR OF GOD UPON OUR LIFE'S, OBEDIENCE IS NECESSARY.

4. As God called unto Adam and Eve in the garden, He also calls to you and I, here this morning, " WHERE ART THOU ? "
WHERE ARE YOU ? So far as giving up sin and following the master is concerned.
WHERE ARE YOU ? So far as being obedient to the voice of God when He speaks to you, many times requiring of you a service you prefer not to render ?

5. " IF YOU ARE OBEDIENT UNTO GOD, YOU DO NOT FEAR HIM. "  If Adam and Eve had not disobeyed God, by taking the fruit from the tree of life, instead of endeavoring to hide from God, when He called, THEY WOULD HAVE RUN TO MEET HIM.
     If Christ were to call for you now, WHERE ARE YOU ? Would you feel like running to meet Him ? Or would you fear Him ?

a. Your heart is a looking glass to God, He sees and knows all things. If there are habits in your life, thoughts in your mind, or even the desire to do evil in your heart , God knows it.

b.  If you would be useful in the service of God, you must be obedient to Him. ARE YOU OBEDIENT TO HIM ? If not remember He has said, without holiness no man shall see God. Holiness is obedience unto God in the fullest sense.     LFC.