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View an online demo of BibleThumper.

Resources Commentaries, etc.

There are many additional resources available for BibleThumper.
Listed below are resources you can add to BibleThumper at any time.
Please follow the instructions in the manual for installating the databases. In short:

  1. Download the desired database(s) to your hard drive.
  2. Use the HotSync® application to install the database(s) to your handheld's RAM.
  3. If you have a memory card, you may optionally move the database(s) into one of the
    supported directories, such as
    /PALM/BibleThumper     /PALM/Launcher/Bible     /PALM/Bible     /Bible 
    /PALM/Launcher/BibleThumper     /BibleThumper  or   /PALM/Launcher
  4. Start the BibleThumper application, the database(s) will be recognized automatically.

DO NOT use a right-click or command-click to download these files. Use a left-click and the download will start.

BibleThumper Application English BibleThumper trial (unregistered) application. A Bible database is required for this to run. This is shareware with a 30 day evaluation period. Registration is $25. 253.4K 1.2.3 2/7/2003
King James Bible w/Strong's Bible English King James Bible 1769 edition with integrated Strong's numbers. 1.6M 1 12/26/2001
King James Bible (no Strong's) Bible English King James Bible 1769 edition. 1.2M 1 12/26/2001
Luther 1912 (no Strong's) Bible German Luther 1912 Bible. 1.3M 1 12/26/2001
King James Bible Concordance Concordance English Concordance for King James Bible 1769 edition. Required for fast searching. 841.5K 1 12/26/2001
Luther 1912 Bible Concordance Concordance German Concordance for Luther 1912 edition. Required for fast searching. 1.0M 1 12/26/2001
Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Lexicon English Hebrew lexicon from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible 632.9K 1 12/26/2001
Strong's Greek Lexicon Lexicon English Greek lexicon from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible 438.9K 1 12/26/2001
Webster's 1828 Dictionary Dictionary English Webster's 1828 Dictionary of the American Language. 1.4M 1 12/26/2001
KJV Dictionary Dictionary English The King James Bible has stood it's ground for nearly 400 years. However, during that time the English language has changed. With it has changed the meaning of some words used in the KJV. Here are over 800 words whose definitions have changed since 1611. From 239.9K 1 2/15/2002
Webster's 1913 Dictionary English Webster's 1913 Dictionary of the American Language. 1.8M 1 2/15/2002
Matthew Henry Concise Commentary English Matthew Henry's Concise. 1.3M 1 12/26/2001
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Commentary English Treasury of Scripture Knowledge commentary. 2.4M 1 12/26/2001
Gill's Exposition Commentary English John Gill's Exposition on the whole Bible. 14.4M 1 1/31/2002
KJV Translator Footnotes Commentary English Footnotes from the KJV Translators 177.9K 1 12/26/2001
Scofield 1917 Commentary English Scofield 1917 Study Bible notes. 421.6K 1 12/26/2001
Jamieson Fausset Brown Commentary English Robert Jamieson, A. R. Fausset and David Brown. Commentary, Critical, and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (1871) 4.1M 1 1/18/2002
Treasury of David Commentary English The Treasury of David. 4.4M 1 12/31/2001
Barnes New Testament Commentary English Barnes New Testament Commentary 1.3M 1 1/17/2002
John Wesley's Notes on the Bible Commentary English John Wesley's Notes on the Bible 2.1M 1 7/3/2002
Geneva Bible Footnotes Commentary English Footnotes from the Geneva Bible. 1.7M 1 12/26/2001
People's New Testament Commentary English People's New Testament Commentary 1.0M 1 1/17/2002
Matthias Ansorgs Kommentar Commentary German Matthias Ansorgs \nKommentar zur Bibel 256.7K 1 12/3/2002
Riegers Kommentar Commentary German Carl Heinrich Riegers \nBetrachtungen über das Neue Testament, die Psalmen und die zwölf kleinen Propheten 693.1K 1 12/3/2002
Total   45.6M  

Registered Users

   Registered users can download latest software updates by clicking here.

Trial Version - try free for 30 days. Registration is $25

BibleThumper is distributed as shareware. This means you can try it before you buy it.
If you decide to not purchase it , just remove it from your handheld.
If you decide its for you, order it at ordering page or the order icon below.

You can download trial version and commentaries above or without commentaries from :

Ready to Purchase Registration ?

When you purchase the registered version, the Application file ~240K is replaced.
You retain all commentaries and reference note sets you previosly installed.
Order BibleThumper Here !

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